Agile Certifications Panel: Navigating the Future

The Agile Certification Panel discussion, titled “Navigating the Future: The Indispensable Role of Agile in the Age of AI,” is a pivotal exploration of agile methodologies’ critical importance in an era increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence. This panel will delve into how agile principles and practices are not only relevant but essential for organizations striving to remain competitive and innovative in a landscape transformed by AI technologies. 

Attendees can expect a forward-looking discussion that illuminates the pathways through which agile can empower teams, foster innovation, and drive the successful implementation of AI projects.

Drawing on insights from leading experts Shannon Ewan and Ian Carr, the panel will discuss agility—characterized by flexibility, iterative development, and responsiveness to change—is a cornerstone for navigating the complexities and rapid advancements in AI.  


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