Moonshots, Best Served with a Side of Agile

As a creative technologist who specializes in the design and launch of new value streams for and within organizations that are over 100 years old, Molly has a love/hate relationship with agile that many skeptical leaders can understand. How can you push a moonshot idea through a bureaucratic keyhole using a particular methodology?

The answer is simple, but not easy. Join Molly as she shares behind-the-scenes stories from her 20 years as a moonshot product manager, with tricks that you can take and put into action as soon as you get back to your desk. You’ll also hear why she thinks the best way age-old organizations will survive the challenges facing them tomorrow will be to retire their legacy change management and PMO practices, and instead give Value Management a shot.

About our Speaker:

Molly Cain (1)

Molly Cain

Former Associate Director of Enterprise Digitalization at Internal Revenue Service

Molly brings over 20 years experience as an intrapreneur leading digitalization and innovation initiatives — the past 8 have been in DoD + federal sector — to the organizations she supports. She is a former senior IT/transformation executive with a passion for creating positive change through doing. Molly holds an MBA from UTD and BS in Journalism from Texas A&M, and she’s a Certified Agile Leader and Value Management Office Practitioner.

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