Revolutionizing Domain-Driven Design: The Role of AI in Crafting Intelligent Solutions

In this talk, we explore how generative AI is transforming the landscape of domain-driven design (DDD). DDD, a strategic approach to software design that emphasizes the importance of domain knowledge and business logic, is evolving with the integration of artificial intelligence. We delve into how AI can automate and enhance various aspects of DDD, from generating domain models to identifying context boundaries.

Drawing on insights from recent thought leadership in the field, we examine real-world examples and use cases that demonstrate the practical application of AI in DDD. The talk will also cover how AI-powered tools can streamline the design process, making it easier for development teams to create robust, domain-specific software solutions. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of the synergy between AI and DDD, and actionable strategies for leveraging this relationship in their own projects.

About our Speaker:

Rob Brown (1)

Rob Brown

SVP of National Security Solutions at Alpha Omega

Previously CTO/EVP at Systalex. CTO at USCIS.Cloud Solutions Developer/EID Division Chief with USCIS with 18 years of experience providing technical, managerial and business development solutions to the IT industry.

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