AI-Powered Product Discovery: Accelerating Agile Innovation

Hear from Patricia Remacle about AI-Powered Product Discovery: Accelerating Agile Innovation during her session at 2:30pm ET.

The foundational principle of the Agile manifesto emphasizes prioritizing customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. However, ensuring that we develop solutions that customers truly need and are willing to pay for presents a significant challenge. This is where a robust product discovery process, conducted early in the product development lifecycle, proves indispensable. Unfortunately, many software companies tend to overlook the importance of thorough product discovery due to its time-consuming, costly, and data-intensive nature. Those organizations that embrace artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline and enhance the product discovery process will gain a competitive edge. By leveraging AI, these companies can efficiently gather and synthesize meaningful data, enabling them to build truly useful solutions and achieve product-market fit at an accelerated pace compared to their competitors.

About our Speaker:

Tricia Remacle

Patricia Remacle

Transformational Leader

Patricia is a transformational leader with 20 years of experience successfully defining product strategies and leading product development for Mobile, IoT, Cloud, and Enterprise solutions.   She is an Agile champion with a proven history of infusing Agile methodologies into the DNA of product teams.   Most recently, she was CTO of LeaseAccelerator, a cloud-based lease lifecycle automation solution used by many of the Fortune 1000

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