Design Your Organization for Disruptive Agility

Join Dan McClure as he discusses Design Your Organization for Disruptive Agility at 9:30am ET.

How do organizations thrive in an age where deep disruption and reinvention sweep across industries, not once, but over and over again? The answer is the next level of agile practice, where all the parts of the business pivot to capture new fast-moving opportunities. This bigger bolder version of agile embraces disruption as a core business capability. It builds on the principles of flexibility, learning, and adaptation from agile teams, but applies them to much bigger and complex challenges. In this brisk talk, we’ll explore the external drivers that demand this kind of ambitious enterprise-level creativity, and then lay out a framework for strategic enterprise agility. It’s a model for doing bigger things, which enables leaders to repeatedly assemble cutting-edge new strategies from the Lego blocks of their organization.

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