Unlearning to Lead with Agility

As we “Reimagine Agile” and usher in “Agility in the Age of AI,” we cannot ignore the role of leadership and its power to act as enabler of or hindrance to agility. We now find ourselves nearly a quarter century after the Agile Manifesto. Despite our aspirations to lead in a way that inspires adaptive, people-centric organizations, leadership remains one of the most often cited impediments to agility. In other words, what is stopping us from getting out of our own way?  When we think of developing as agile leaders, we recognize that there is a lot to learn, but do we also see how much there is to unlearn? Letting go of old paradigms, conventional wisdom and ingrained habits around leadership can unleash a new world of possibility for our teams and organizations. 

In addition to sharing personal ups and downs on the leadership development journey, this interactive talk will encourage the audience to introspect on existing paradigms and revitalize their action plans to unleash agility within teams and organizations.  

Connect with Shannon: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannon-ewan/

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