World Cafe: Shaping the Agile Future Together

Join Bob Payne as he leads us through a dynamic World Cafe session dedicated to “Reimagining Agile,” where participants from across the Agile community will gather to share ideas, challenges, and visions for the future of agility. This collaborative event is designed to foster deep conversations around how Agile principles can evolve to meet the rapidly changing needs of organizations and society.

Participants will rotate among small, intimate tables, each hosted by facilitators, to dive into key themes of the Reimagining Agile movement. Topics will include refreshing Agile fundamentals for broader accessibility, extending Agile methodologies to new domains, fostering an inclusive and decentralized Agile community, and exploring new areas such as Lean Portfolio Management and Adaptive Governance.

This session will provide a unique opportunity to collectively brainstorm, exchange insights, and contribute to a shared vision for the future of Agile. Expect to leave with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the Agile community, as well as actionable ideas for making agility thrive in various contexts.

Whether you’re an Agile newcomer or a seasoned practitioner, your voice is essential to shaping a more agile, responsive, and inclusive future. Join us to contribute to the ongoing dialogue and help reimagine Agile for the next generation.

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